Friday, December 21, 2007

What the Philadelphia Media Should REALLY Be Agog About

Rather than focusing so much schadenfreude on Alicia Lane, the Philadelphia press should focus their attention on where it matters, the ever-mounting scandals in city government. This post on Young Philly Politics can fill you in on all the sleazy details.

A large part of the reason that we are never able to really reform City Hall is that a large segment of the population doesn't really focus on these scandals. They just see it as part of the course of life. Our media are largely content to blandly report the story without showing any real outrage. The best they could must was support for the so-called reformer, Sam Katz, who turned out to be a little tainted himself.

I e-mailed one columnist, Jill Porter, who writes for the Daily News. I stumbled across her blast against Alicia Lane on the Philly News website, and after lamenting her gloating, suggested she direct her outrage in a more important direction. All she could say was that she had written about corruption before, and that she just writes about what people are talking about.

Write about it again, Ms. Porter. Get people talking about it.

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