Friday, April 25, 2008

Why Hillary Is Unqualified?

Naturally, Senator Clinton supporters everywhere are crowing over the recent victory in Pennsylvania. Regular readers of this blog will be able to figure out how I feel about this.

My opposition to Hillary Clinton does not grow out of the issues or her experience. I feel there is another matter that no one is giving attention to: her moral qualifications for the office.

As I have previously documented in this blog, Hillary Clinton aggressively lobbied for her husband not to intervene in Bosnia in the early nineties, while hundreds of thousands of people were being killed. Essentially, this makes her an indirect accomplice to genocide. To me, complicity in genocide is an automatic, and irrevocable, disqualifier for the presidency.

What especially galls me is that some Hillary supporters are promoting her as being the one tough enough to stand up to Osama bin Laden. If she lacks the moral strength to even oppose genocide, what in hell makes them think she'll oppose al-Qaeda?

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