Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Post of Particular Note to Our Readers in West Virginia

It seems that a lot of the electronic voting machines being supplied by the ES&S company are apparently having extreme problems with calibration after they are moved into the poll station. These calibration problems cause the vote to register for a different candidate than the one you selected when you voted. For instance, early voters have experienced issues when they try to vote for Barack Obama, only to find their vote registering as Ralph Nader or another fringe candidate. The election integrity site Brad Blog offers a video demonstrating this problem and its potential effect on next Tuesday's election, posted below. Similar problems have cropped up in other states.

This may just be an honest instance of mechanical breakdown. However, given what happened in 2000, and reports of electoral misconduct during the 2004 election, we should be very suspicious of any irregularities during this election.

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