Monday, November 03, 2008

Some Congressional and Non-National Endorsements for This Election

Although the majority of this blog's attention has been naturally devoted to the presidential race, it would be worth our while to look at some state and congressional officials on the ballot.

For the 14th District Congressional seat, I am voting for the Green Party's candidate, Titus North. This was a somewhat difficult decision given Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle's laudable positions on the War in Iraq and the genocide in Darfur. However, I have chosen North, a University of Pittsburgh professor, in protest against Rep. Doyle's positions in favor of the death penalty and an anti-flag burning amendment. Furthermore, Rep. Doyle is running basically unopposed, so either way we win.(i.e. no Nader factor to put a Republican in office.)

For Pennsylvania Attorney General, I am endorsing Marakay Rogers of the Libertarian Party. She has an anti-death penalty, liberal drug law position that I highly admire, and has fought for the right of third-party candidates to get on the ballot. In contrast, the Repblican incumbent, Tom Corbett, is mainly concerned with using Bonusgate as a cudgel to attack Democrats, something that even his endorsers implicitly concede, while the Democratic candidate, John Morgannelli, has a conservative position on the right to bear arms that would prevent cities like Philadelphia to take measures against skyrocketing murder rates.

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