Monday, February 23, 2009

The Movie Network Has Come True

Have any of you seen the classic 1970s movie Network? Paddy Chafesky's satirical prophecy has finally come true, albeit in Great Britain.

Disgraced British reality tv star Jade Goody has found a way to restore her good graces with the British media, after a scandal over her racially harassing actress Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother. She is literally going to die for good ratings. (Shades of Howard Beale!)

Goody, who has terminal cervical cancer, has agreed to become a "public curiosity" during the last few weeks of her life, in order to make more money for her children. She has become the subject of fawning press scrutiny in Great Britain, evidently having decided that if she lived on TV, she can die on TV. (Hmm...shades of The Truman Show as well.)

It should not really be a surprise that Network has come true in Great Britain, as the British have a tabloid culture that puts ours to shame. Reality TV is much more prominent in Britain, with Big Brother contestants becoming long lasting celebrities.

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