Saturday, May 23, 2009

Edmund Andrews Follow Up

A follow up to the previous blog entry:

Megan McArdle has posted Edmund Andrews response, issued to PBS, but refuses to acknowledge its significance, carping that it wasn't issued to her. As Andrews explains, the first bankruptcy stemmed from the activities of her first husband, and was filed jointly with him because of legal reasons. The second stemmed from a loan from her sister, whose idea of resolving family conflict apparently involves lawsuits.

I feel that Andrews's response vindicates my position. His wife wasn't responsible for what happened. McArdle whines that she still qualifies as a "serial bankrupt," but I think Mrs. Andrews should be granted the benefit of the doubt.

Did the Andrews family make mistakes in their financial arrangements? Lords yes. Do they warrant the vilification they've received? Even Ms. McArdle admits they don't. Unfortunately, she seems unwilling to apologize for her role, however unintentional, in generating it.

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