Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Coward's Bludgeon

In a comment on the blog Victim's Voice, run by Stephen Flatlow, a commentor calling herself Shana Maydel has accused me of anti-semitism. My post, which criticized the activities of organizations such as the ADL and AIPAC for being uncritically supportive of Israel. To Maydel, this comment was apparently tantamount to alleging that Jews control the government and the media, something which I do not believe.

My Gut Reaction: Shana Maydel (whomever she may be) is a childish coward.

Analysis: Maydel's rather incoherent rant raises several issues. First, her unsubstantiated use of the term anti-semite cheapens the meaning of the term, effectively reducing it to a code word for anyone who disagrees with her in regard to the state of Israel. This dilutes the actual impact of the term, and makes it less likely that actual incidents of anti-semitism will be taken seriously in the future. (Essentially the boy who cried wolf effect.)

Second, Maydel hurls smears at the organization my comment originally defended CAIR, effectively calling it a front for Hamas. However, these charges have been debunked by Michael Rolince, a former FBI agent and counter terrorism expert who concludes there are no hard facts backing the accusations. (Hmmm...perhaps Ms. Maydel's next act should be to expose the FBI as an anti-semetic front group.)


shana maydel said...

Hey Ex-Man, it's the childish coward...so let's look at what our FBI has done lately..hmmm. they've now decided to mascaraed as the Israeli Mossad to catch a Maryland scientist in a sting operation and charge him with spying. I have to take issue with our own FBI, now they are using the guise of an Israeli to entrap scientists working in our Defense Dept.? Say what??What's next? How about the recent post on WorldNetDaily:
David Kupelian writes about CAIR inserting itself into positions of influence with members of the House of Representatives and US Senate. Let's check that out.

The Expatriate said...

So they caught a guy who was willing to be a spy. Last time I checked, espionage was a criminal offense in this country. The FBI is a law enforcement agency; they catch law breakers. That's their job.

And frankly, you should try some more reliable news sources than WorldNetDaily.