Monday, November 23, 2009

A Note to Bishop Tobin: Back Off

This weekend, there unfolded yet another example of interference by the Catholic hierarchy in the political affairs of the United States. This time, the culprit is Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, who is trying to get Rep. Patrick Kennedy, son of Sen. Ted Kennedy, to endorse abortion restrictions in the health care bill. Apparently, as early as 2007, Bishop Tobin attempted to intimidate Rep. Kennedy by asking him to refrain from Communion.

My Gut Reaction: Apparently, Tobin and his fellow bishops believe that major political issues in this country should be settled through the distribution of pieces of tasteless, unleavened bread to our politicians.

Analysis: This type of interference in our political system by the bishops has to stop. They have gone from merely expressing opinions to actively trying to push around politicians through religious means. If the Church wants to be such a force in civil society, perhaps it could do us the favor of contributing to said society-through the payment of taxes.

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