Saturday, October 07, 2006

F is for Foley

One American news story that has not received this much attention on this side of the Atlantic is the saga of former Congressman Mark Foley, whose rather interesting e-mails have landed him and the Republican Party in hot water. The Republicans are in something of a bind because they don't know how to spin this one. No matter what way you look at it, perversion is simply not a vote getter. This point is especially true when you pitch your party as being representative of Christian values. No matter how opposed you may be to gay marriage, it is difficult to get the Evangelicals to vote for you when you have at the very least a borderline pedophile dining with you in the House Canteen.

It's amusing to see how certain portions of the conservative blogosphere have responded to this. Although none of them, that I am aware of, have stooped to actually defending Foley, a lot of them seem to be missing the point. For instance, the genius at seems more interested in slight variations in different published versions of the same e-mail than in the fact that one of our congressman is an apparent pederast. He complains about the "overheated accusations" that are in the media, and he expresses hopes that Speaker Hastert will resign so that he will not have to hear about it anymore. Apparently, the idea of a perverted Republican is just too traumatic for him to handle.

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