Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Express an Opinion, Lose Your Job

A column in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer by Daniel Rubin reveals a disturbing case of attempted censorship by a public relations firm tied to the Foxwoods Casino.

The public relations firm in question, Tierney Communications, fired one of their vice presidents, Peggy Griffin, because she wrote a letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer warning of the casino's potential effect on her neighborhood. She had already made the firm aware of her stance on the issue before they hired, and she did not mention her affiliation with Tierney. Nevertheless, they dumped her, putting a potentially damaging mark on her career.

Some might question her willingness to work with a firm that supported a cause she opposed. However, she made it clear she would not work on the Foxwoods account, and did not let her employment there make her censor her beliefs.

Tierney Communications must not be very good at public relations, as the move has already garnered them negative coverage in the Inquirer and a nasty letter to the editor.

Here is a link to Tierney's website so you can contact them about the decision. Make certain any letters or e-mails you send are polite and to the point.

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