Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quasi-Catholic Schools and Eminent Domain

Monica Yant Kinney's column in the Philadelphia Inquirer is a very poor treatment of the recent judical ruling allowing the city to seize someone's house so that a group of nuns can build a school there.

Never mind the ethical implications of seizing someone's house. Since the Supreme Court ruling Kelo vs. New London, which widely broadened the state's right to seize people's property for practically anything it wants, there have been greater and greater attacks on property rights. Reading Ms. Kinney's article, you wouldn't imagine someone was losing their home. She just calls it a "rundown rowhouse." I guess poor people don't have property rights in her view.

Doing this for members of the clergy is especially gauling. Ever heard of the separation of Church and state, Ms. Kinney? Sure, the nuns claim they won't try to convert the students, but we all know that is bull. The very fact that they are nuns shows they are religious fanatics, and not to be trusted.

If Ms. Kinney is that gullible, she shouldn't be a journalist.

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