Sunday, February 03, 2008

Obama for Progressives

An article in The Nation by Christopher Hayes explores why Barack Obama is the best choice for Democratic progressives this primary season. Although Hayes's article is well worth reading, his basic points can be summarized as follows:

1. Obama is better on foreign policy.
2. Obama will appeal to a wider array of people.
3. He is not wrapped up in the political battles of the 90s.

To me, the most important issue is Obama's stance on Iraq. To paraphrase the Senator, it is not enough merely to be ready from the first day. In matters of foreign policy and strategy, you must be right from the first. As Senator Obama's stance on Iraq attests, he made the right choice on Iraq from the start: He opposed it.

Furthermore, unlike Hillary Clinton, his main appeal is not nostalgia for the 90s. Barack Obama is ready for the challenges of this century, and will not try to return us to an outdated appoach to the world.

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