Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Devoted Public Servants

My father received a parking ticket last night or very early this morning for parking in a vacant lot on our street. This lot is used by no one for any other purpose than for parking, as part of a de facto neighborhood agreement.

Don't the Philadelphia Police have anything better to do than ticket cars parked on vacant lots? We have hordes of drug dealers in this neighborhood, murders aplenty, and these heroes are wasting their time ticketing cars!!! I know some experts subscribe to the broken window theory of crime prevention, but this post on the Young Philly Politics blog indicates that it may not really hold water.

The real irony of it is that my father normally prefers not to park in that lot, as he likes to watch the car from our window so it will not be vandalized. He only parked there last night because he had returned late from visiting my grandmother in the hospital, and there was no other parking available.

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