Monday, August 31, 2009

Arrest this Bastard!

Steven L. Anderson (I refuse to call him Reverend) of the Faithful Word Baptist Church seems to be one of the more dangerous rising fanatics in the Republican fold. Not only has he prayed for the death of President Obama, with one of his congregation, Chris Broughton, turning up at an Obama rally with a gun, but he also considers homosexuals to be predators who should be stoned to death, as is documented by the RightWingWatch blog of People for the American Way.

My Gut Reaction: Something tells me the Founding Fathers did not have this nitwit in mind when they wrote the First Amendment.

Analysis: I'm all for free speech, as anyone who reads this blog can attest, but that doesn't mean I think people should be allowed to advocate for the death of the President. There are many public figures whom I dislike, but if I were to go out and advocate for their deaths in the way that Anderson has, I would be imprisoned, and rightly so. I do not see how Anderson's claims to spiritual authority make him immune.

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