Friday, August 28, 2009

To Hell with the Pope, Long Live Ted Kennedy

An article on Yahoo News documents the conspicuous lack of reaction from Pope Benedict XVI to the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, in spite of receiving a letter from the Senator via President Obama. The article implies this silence is a result of Kennedy's liberal stance on abortion, which one Vatican official commented was in defiance of the Church's Magisterium (teaching authority.)

My Gut Reaction: Senator Ted Kennedy, with all he's done for America and the working class, had more moral authority than the Church's vaunted Magisterium. Even considering Chappaquidick.

Analysis: Senator Ted Kennedy, in spite of scandal and assassinations of two of his brothers, devoted his life to public service. This does not mean he was a perfect man or a saint. However, when one considers the recent history of the Catholic Church (cough-child molestation-ahem)one could argue that Senator Kennedy held the moral high ground.

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