Sunday, November 25, 2007

All Hail the New York Times

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I treated myself to a copy of the New York Times. I have to admit, it is the greatest newspaper I have ever read. It's all in the detail. They go into more depth, and have more on the ground reporters, than most newspapers.

One example is their treatment of the Iraq War and the Surge. While acknowledging that the increase in troops has decreased American casualties, it is careful to point out that there are still a number of problems facing Iraq, particularly the divide between those Sunnis who are now allied with us, and the Shi'ites who now run the Iraqi government. These problems raise the potential of a civil war, and should not be ignored.

Compare this with Kevin Ferris and his editorials in the Philadelphia Inquirer. While briefly acknowledging the possibility of future setbacks, he goes on to crow about how the Democrats are wrong and appealing to sentimental patriotism.

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