Monday, November 26, 2007

Some Comedy in the Inquirer

This morning, while I was sitting in my barbershop-Grillo's on Allegheny Ave.- waiting for a haircut, I happened to glance at the editorial page of the Philadelphia Inquirer. In it, I found a genuinely comic letter by one Frank Solis.

Mr. Solis's contention is that recent efforts by Democratic senators to keep the Senate in session so that President Bush cannot make recess appointments are an example of-gasp!-socialism. He derides these efforts as a "typical socialist gambit" and claims they are part of a democratic effort to impose "secularism" on our country. (Never mind the fact that, compared to Europe, American is a bloody theocracy.)

Honestly, Mr. Solis, it's called a parliamentary maneuver. If you can't deal with that, maybe you should move to a dictatorship. (I hear Pakistan is getting quite interesting these days.)

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