Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Republican Parking Authority

Two days ago in the Philadelphia Inquirer, an article revealed that local Republicans have established a death grip over the Philadelphia Parking Authority, with local ward leaders calling the shots and pressuring employees, both directly and indirectly, for campaign donations. Read more about it at the Young Philly Politics blog.

This just goes to show that Philadelphia's Republicans have become mired in the same corrupt political establishment as the Democrats. At this point, we may need to bring a third party in, like the Libertarians or the Green Party, to clean things up.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is not completely dead,as this expose demonstrates. However, I must quarrel with one Young Philly Politics commenter who claims that this is proof that the Inqy hasn't turned into a right wing den of lies. Anyone who doubts that that is the case should take a look at the columns of Kevin Ferris, Jonathan Last, and Michael Smerconish.

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