Monday, October 08, 2007

Assassins at the Arden Theatre

Yesterday, I went to see the play Assassins at the Arden Theatre. I really enjoyed it. The actors were uniformly good-I especially liked the woman who played Squeaky Fromme. I also found it to be hilarious, yet at the same time a deep exploration of how disappointing it can be to live in America.

I stayed for the question and answer session after the show. A lot of audience members, especially the older ones, seemed to take issue with the play, considering it to be in bad taste. Uh, folks, what the hell did you expect? It's a musical about presidential assassins for crying out loud!

One woman sitting next to me kept muttering about how offensive it was. Getting annoyed, I turned to her and asked, "Then why did you attend?" The woman apparently had not even bothered to find out what the play was about.

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