Wednesday, October 31, 2007

La Salle Lockdown

I am here at La Salle University, which has been locked down due to a shooting at 66th and West Oak Lane, which if I am not mistaken is over a mile away.

After the whole Virginia Tech bloodbath, I guess the administration is a little nervous about the possibility of a school shooting and, more likely, the lawsuits that would stem from it. Thanks to these lawsuit-fearing pansies, I'm stuck in this goddamn computer lab.

Although I think safety precautions and quick reactions are all prudent measures, I believe our society has become too fearful of danger and risk. This has culminated not only in a lawsuit-happy culture where we punish everyone and anyone if something goes wrong, but also in a culture of fear, where we panic at the slightest hint of a threat. Notice how we panic at every bit of chatter from al-Qaeda.

Meanwhile, I am trying to cope. I have been trying to call Mom. The phones in this lab don't seem to reach the outside world, or Mom is busy talking to someone on the phone, as I got a busy signal when I tried. I just don't want her worrying.

The atmosphere in the room is surprisingly relaxed. I felt a lot of tension when I first heard about it, but I am beginning to calm down. The students seem to be taking it in stride. I think they realize the risk of the shooter coming here is relatively low.

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