Friday, October 12, 2007

Ron Paul DVD

Last night, I watched a DVD of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's various television appearances, including his participation in televised debates with Rudy Giuliani. He has some good ideas, some bad ideas, and some truly odd ideas.

For example, he thinks we should draw out of Iraq completely-good idea. However, he also thinks we should get rid of the income tax, the inheritance tax, and the inflation tax, among others-bad idea. And, just to top things off, he thinks that the Federal Reserve and our membership in the United Nations are unconstitutional. Okay...

I received this DVD from a group of students supporting Ron Paul at La Salle Monday. They seemed like far left types who actually would not agree with many of Ron Paul's positions, such as his opposition to abortion. They deserve kudos for having included these positions on their home-produced DVD.

Their support for this candidate speaks to the pathetic lack of truly anti-war and anti-drug war candidates in the 2008 race. You have to go with fundamentalist libertarians to find anyone with intelligent positions on these issues.

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