Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting a Little Naive There, Andy

Andrew Sullivan, usually a pretty insightful blogger, came up with a pretty naive post today. He thinks that African-Americans are not supporting Obama because they wrongly think a black person can't win the presidency.

Although I would not necessarily conclude it is impossible for a black man to win, I would not deny that this could be the case. Although racism has been-thankfully-largely extirpated from the middle and upper classes, it is alive and well among the lower middle and working classes. There are various reasons for this, too many to go into in a single blog post. Nevertheless, this is the case, and cannot be denied by anyone who has dealt with this portion of society.

Sullivan's naivity stems either from a lack of contact or, as I suspect is the case, a lack of interest in the bottom half of society. These remaining sections of bigotry will be obstacle to Senator Obama, albeit one he may well overcome.

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