Monday, October 22, 2007

Worst Debate Ever...

Saturday's debate between Democratic mayoral candidate Michael Nutter and Republican would-be candidate Al Taubenberger was a waste of all thirty minutes of its time. The candidates rarely if ever disagreed, and Taubenberger frankly came across as a non-entity with no political experience.

Philadelphia's political situation is truly pathetic. Despite the city being in wretched condition after fifty years of rule by the local Democratic party, which has grown undeniably corrupt, the Republican Party has failed to mount an effective response. Part of this is because of the racial politics of Philadelphia. However, a total lack of organization on the part of the Republicans, combined with an over-reliance on the now discredited Sam Katz, has rendered the Philadelphia Republicans totally worthless as a party.

Just take a look at Taubenberger's website. It isn't even well put together, especially when compared to Nutter's website, linked above. The candidate hasn't even bothered to present himself well or run a decent campaign.

I am thinking of looking at third party candidates, just as a means of protest. The Green Party of Philadelphia doesn't seem to be running anybody for mayor, but I'll look into other possibilities.

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